What is Vision Group Property Scorer (VPS)?

VPS is a tool for property comparison and selection. It was launched in March 2020.

VPS will become an excellent and very useful guide for buyers and investors when they are making their selections and comparisons of projects in North Cyprus, Spain and Turkey.

We are currently assessing all existing and upcoming projects within our portfolio to give a VPS rating for each.


How do we calculate VPS ?

We study property and projects and mark them based on the following:

  • Quality of build
  • Location
  • Number of facilities
  • Value for money and how competitive is the pricing
  • Rental performance (average number of weeks achieved). Previous 2 years.
  • Future anticipated rental performance based on a demand and supply analysis and other site specific matters.
  • Capital growth statistics (previous 2 years)
  • Future anticipated capital growth performance based on a demand and supply analysis and other site specific matters.
  • Completion date for new build. Delivered on time ?
  • Completion dates for facilities. Delivered on time ?
  • Level of service charge comparative to the market average
  • Quality of after sales and the management company
  • Proximity to the sea
  • Proximity to local shops, restaurants and some city activities.
  • Proximity to international airport
  • Quality of views

Vision Group obtain our facts from existing buyers on each project and by interviewing the various developers. If a project does not meet a minimum score set by Vision Group, we will not feature such property in our Tours or in the Best of Spain/Cyprus/Turkey catalogues.

Whether Vision Group is representing you or not, if you are considering to buy and you would like to discuss any project with us to seek our advice or discuss the VPS of the property you have chosen, please feel free to send and email. Please mark your email with the heading “Third party Vision Project Scorer” with your WhatsApp details to [email protected]

We do not publicize actual scores on social media. They are provided on a one to one basis with purchasers directly.