A warm welcome to Vision Group, a company that specialises in the provision of substantial property services in the Mediterranean with a particular focus on Spain, Turkey and North Cyprus. The company has its headquarters in North Cyprus and is operated by a management team who have over 20 years of establishment in the Mediterranean property market. We have advised hundreds of second home buyers and investors ensuring that they buy safely and with no regret.

Read on for a full list of our services.


Vision Group hold the hand of home buyers and investors in Spain, Turkey and North Cyprus.

Buying a property in a foreign country is usually a significant investment and a buyer should carry out comprehensive research in the chosen market place prior to making a commitment to purchase. Vision Group assist and guide buyers through this research and selection process with our qualified and experienced staff from our offices in Spain and Cyprus.


We are a highly analytical company and we provide a substantial level of advice, support and information in the following matters:

  • Estate agency services and the Vision Group Property Portfolio
  • Discovery Tour and Inspection Trip logistics and Administration
  • Capital and rental values and valuation
  • Who is buying what and where
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Rentals and property management
  • Funding and mortgage availability
  • Safe selection and buying process
  • Settling
  • Banking
  • Selecting the right lawyer
  • Lifestyle information
  • Climate
  • Cost of living
  • Schooling and Universities
  • Medical
  • Rent before you buy
  • Driving and car hire
  • Flights and travel
  • Permits for working and residency
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Furniture moving and furnishing


Vision Group carry a substantial portfolio of thoroughly researched and approved property in Spain, Turkey and Cyprus. You may choose from classic, contemporary or modern style, sea, mountainside, in or out of town locations, studios, 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom apartments, penthouses, town houses and villas. We have a variety of financial payment plans and mortgages and, of course, we always identify the bargains.

Our selection of property is based on a study and approval of the following characteristics :

  • Location
  • Views
  • Build quality
  • Safe title
  • Value for money and capital growth potential
  • Facilities
  • Rentability


We have advised and assisted hundreds of people who were seeking property and investment advice and those requiring local information in the Mediterranean. We are always proud to introduce new customers to our existing customers and partners who have experienced our service and who, we are confident, will provide excellent testimony that we are a company that deliver what we promise.

We are not a sales company, we provide an analytical and advisory service and we carry some of the best value property opportunities in Spain, Turkey and North Cyprus.

We employ and train in house staff to ensure that we achieve our aim of maximum customer satisfaction and a safe way to move to The Mediterranean.

Our multi-lingual staff are provided for you to make your decisions based on facts and wide unbiased choice and not only on emotions.

Our customers and partners will testify that we do not pressure or persuade. Buying or committing abroad is a big decision and you need time to digest information.

We say ”Take your time, Take our time.”



All Vision Group customers buy property for different personal reasons. Many buy for their own use for holidays and/or retirement. Some buy for part occupation and part rental, perhaps to cover their service charge and other such costs.

Once we have analysed our clients’ needs, desires and budget, we explore the right property and finance to suit.

Apart from physically showing you all the relevant properties, we also share with you information on Prices, Rentals with Analytics and trends so that you can fully understand what it is you are investing into. We also share with you how to manage your investment, obtain tenants and achieve maximum rental and returns.

We provide private and group consultation within our various Discovery Tours in The Mediterranean.

Although we are always happy to advise over the phone, we always recommend visiting our offices for relaxed, non-pressured advice and close proximity to the properties available.

Please apply to [email protected] to book your complimentary tour or make an appointment for a telephone consultation. We fully respect that any buyer committing to what is a large investment, must go through a process of understanding and digesting a lot of important information. This is why we say “Take your time, Take our time”.


Property investment in foreign markets is a science based on analytical research and knowledge.

We focus on The Mediterranean as in the last few years we see much higher returns both in rentals and capital growth compared to the established countries and cities of the world.

Vision Group advise pure investors who either buy single or multiple properties and who do not wish to occupy.

We identify the right property and projects with the greatest potential for capital growth and rental return.

We provide financial services to secure the optimum and most competitive solutions available in the local and global markets.

Our extensive historical and current market knowledge enables us to analyse supply and demand which allows us to make logical future predictions and estimates.


Our extensive experience and exposure to the “buyer market” enables us to advise developers as to current demand trends in terms of location, design style and pricing.

We regularly work with developers at design stage to ensure that new projects are well received in the market place.

We also have our own in house marketing team, Vision Media, that provide film and social media campaigns.

In addition Vision Groups Career Platform enables us to publicise on behalf of developers to our worldwide Partners to penetrate “grey sky” countries at local level.

As a market leader in The Mediterranean and with a track record of hundreds of successful sales, Vision Group is perfectly positioned to advise Developers, at preplanning stage, as to the exact requirements of the buyers. Preplanning based on market facts and trends is essential to the success of a development.

Vision Group provides Mediterranean Developers with advice and assistance on the following services:

  • Identifying the target market for your land
  • Planning, concept, layout (internal and external) and styling projects.
  • Optimum floor area assumptions and risk spread.
  • Building material and furnishing needs of the customer.
  • Branding and presentation
  • Marketing - where and how to market to achieve results on most efficient budget.
  • Setting marketing budget.
  • Producing Vision Media Films based on plans, photographs, 3D visuals and moving film.
  • Social Media campaign
  • Total Media Campaign
  • Positioning projects within the Vision Group Worldwide Partnership Campaigns and websites
  • Capital Value estimates (£ / € per sq. m)
  • Pricing, phasing and release policy
  • Timescale estimates
  • Launch preparation and activities
  • Site branding and boarding
  • PR Matters for project and developer company.

If you have land holdings and are considering your development options and you require a free consultation please apply to [email protected].


Vision Group provide employment and a business opportunity for two groups of people.


Within our offices based in the Mediterranean we regularly have vacancies in the following departments:

  • Property Sales, Inspection, Valuation and Processing
  • Property and Country Educational Tours
  • Accounts
  • Management
  • IT and Data Processing
  • Marketing
  • Media Film and Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing and strategising
  • Customer Relations
  • Photography
  • Translations
  • Research and property economics
  • Cost Management
  • Event Management

If you feel you have the skills and you wish to apply for any vacancies please send your CV with a video statement about yourself to [email protected].

Vision Group also offer an internship program for the younger generation who have either just left or about to leave full time education or those seeking a career change.


Vision Group have become widely known for its excellent business platform for self-employed people from all walks of life and for already established estate agents in “non-Mediterranean“ countries. This highly successful program provides a fully supported business for entrepreneurial spirited people who wish to work in a satisfying lifestyle business where they build substantial wealth without the need for “start up capital” and without the stresses of running a traditional business.

Vision Group have registered over 5,000 such Partners in 48 countries.

Active Partners have a proven success record by following our systems and education and are now enjoying a lucrative and satisfying business. The Vision Group Partnership Program provides everything needed to grow a fantastic business and life in the sun without the stress, finance and the time consuming nature of running a traditional estate agency business. In addition, unlike traditional employment with fixed compulsory hours, our program allows business minded people to work as many hours as they desire.

It is truly a low cost, zero risk business venture for everyone from wherever they may live and operate in the world.



All our partners are provided with regular free education with fundamental knowledge for them to trade successfully. Our support assists Partners with what to do and how to build a successful flow of business transactions and income. This education helps our Partners to market themselves and/or their company to earn the necessary respect from the target audience.

We share knowledge and teach the following subjects:

  • How to Market for zero or low cost
  • Lead Generation
  • How to generate thousands of new contacts and customers
  • Where are the buyers
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • The Science of Property Investment and Investor Reports
  • How to Invest safely in the Mediterranean Property Market
  • Marketing, traditional versus modern techniques
  • How to advise Clients/Buyers to win their confidence
  • The Vision Group North Cyprus, Turkey and Spanish Extensive Property Portfolio
  • Facts and figures
  • The culture of the Mediterranean countries offered
  • Property markets, supply and demand and valuations techniques
  • Legal and Political
  • Rules and regulations of local markets
  • The psychology of people in your target market
  • How to encourage potential partners and customers to book an inspection tour
  • Presentation techniques, content and the art of public speaking
  • Taxation and accounting
  • Branding
  • an essential lesson in creating your position in the market
  • Social Media and Marketing skills
  • How to present at Exhibitions and Seminars
  • The Vision Group Calendar
  • “What events are in the Vision Group calendar for 2020 in The Mediterranean and in your country”
  • Communication Systems
  • How to hold and present webinars and what are the best methods and online conference systems
  • The Vision Group Marketing Material Library
  • Understand our library of films, adverts and lessons you will use for boosting your business

The Vision Group Academy is an online and physical learning school that provides education in written, film, webinars, seminars and weekly log-in classes


All partners of Vision Group receive their own personal source code to access this website.

The website includes our substantial Mediterranean property portfolio, country information, facts and figures about lifestyle and culture and media material to include photo galleries and Vision Media films, interviews and customer testimonials.

The unique partner source code allows us to register whoever accesses this site as a result of Partners’ introductions.


Our Vision Group Offices provide our Partners with full support including staff, vehicles, tour organisation, graphic and media services and, of course, our substantial property portfolio and property consultants. Our offices always welcome visiting Partners who require office facilities whilst on tour.


All partners obtain a license for the bespoke Vision Group Lifestyle Management Software TouchTM. It is a uniquely designed, intelligent CRM (Customer Relationship Management System).

TouchTM assists you in organising your personal and business life. It contains a wealth of features that you would expect to find in any CRM, however it has substantially more features that will provide automated prompts and tasks to discipline any user to get results and success in customer finding and sales.

TouchTM is a uniquely designed intelligent CRM system, which provides daily tasks and support for your business and will guarantee to boost the network of all our Partners, whatever the product. TouchTM is available in many languages at the click of a button, making it easy to build your international business with all your contacts, regardless of location.

With the use of TouchTM we provide a systematic sales and lead generation programme to ensure that our partners’ businesses grow and prosper to provide a solid income stream from real estate transactions. We demonstrate how our Partners can create thousands of potential customers.

Our icon based TouchTM software is a major factor in the powerful nature of our international sales force. With our unique Push Task system, staying ‘In TouchTM’ with your contacts has never been easier. Daily motivation is provided throughout the organisation and team communications are made effortlessly while staying in TouchTM. Full technical support and education is provided in the form of training sessions, email support and presentations.

TouchTM is an excellent lead generating and management tool that can be adapted for virtually any product, although it is currently designed for property marketing.

TouchTM is the heart and soul of our company. It makes the business of business easier and it forces you to succeed.


Vision Group have created almost a famous reputation for our discovery tours which we have been running for many years. Our Partners and guests love that within only a three-day tour, they receive detailed information sufficient to make a decision on their investment or future business. We provide excellent education and a wide knowledge both in classroom and out on the road so that our guests can gain a solid understanding of the entire property market and experience the rich lifestyle and culture of the Mediterranean Countries where we focus.

We have a selection of Discovery Tours that are taking place every week of the year as follows:

PRIVATE INSPECTION TRIPS: Usually up to 4 people, a bespoke and private tour.

GROUP TOURS: These are usually attended by a maximum of 10 people.

PROPERTY, GOLF, TENNIS, CULTURE TOURS: These are bespoke tours that include a mixture of sport, culture and property touring.

WAKE UP SEMINAR: An annual educational and reunion event.

GREY SKY TOURS: These are presentations in your countries where we present our Company and The Mediterranean.

Please follow VISION GROUP DISCOVERY TOURS for full details of FREE elements of The Tours.

During our tours we never pressure or push to sell property. We are an advisory company and we share our knowledge and our portfolio. Our guests decide when they are satisfied and comfortable. Our aim is to capture your heart and not your money.

We are satisfied if, after a tour, you fall in love with the countries we offer and our company because then you will return with more potential customers and our business and reputation grows.

Click VISION GROUP DISCOVERY TOURS for Vision Discovery Tours terms, conditions, length of stay and information about tours in various countries.


Vision Group have advised hundreds of clients who have brought homes and investments in The Mediterranean.

We cannot list them all but here are a selection of some of our buyers and partners and what they have to say.

These testimonials are copies of letters and emails we have received.

“Vision group is an intelligent international partnership platform which helps everyone to find their dreams in the sun! I’m so proud and honored that I’m in a partnership with them! The way that vision group staff treat my clients and take care of their needs is very professional.” Shirin, Sweden

“This company is a game changer in the real estate industry. You change people’s lives. So thankful for helping us to make the best investment in the Mediterranean and also have us as partners. Thank you to the chairman, also all the other from the company! You are wonderful!” Nadya, Sweden

“My best partners on North Cyprus if you are looking for investments or a lifestyle in the sun. I live my dreamlife thanks to Vision Group.” Christina, Sweden

“Med Vision Group får du hjälp med att hitta ditt livs dröm! Med proffsigt bemötande får du chansen att lära känna norra Cyperns möjligheter till investering och eget boende!” Carina, Sweden

“Прекрасная недвижимость на Северном Кипре и странах Средиземноморья!” Elena, Russia


To continue to grow our reputation as a market leading, results driven, Mediterranean Advisory service renowned for our comprehensive knowledge, analytical approach and care for our customers, before, during and after sale.

To be one of the world’s largest career providers with a business platform that offers both product and education for financial success.

To continue to be the preferred choice throughout the Mediterranean by customers seeking a truly thorough and professional real estate agency and advisor.

To continue to be renowned for our honesty, integrity and our generosity when assisting overseas buyers.

To continue our unending desire to be the best at what we do.

To become the recognised Mediterranean market leader for the widest selection of property in all the most desired Mediterranean locations.


Vision Group has a very definite mission which we constantly remind our staff and Partners worldwide.

“We must do everything in our power to ensure that our buyers have no regrets.”

We work on simple logic!

If our future customers are truly satisfied with our service, then we will continue to succeed.


Vision Group (formerly IPP The International Partnership Program) was originally created by the founder and current Chairman Stephan Menzies MRICS.

Stephan achieved his degree at Westminster University (Law and Property) and is a member of the UK based but worldwide Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Prior to his international property activities he practised as a Chartered Surveyor in The City of London.

He is also an investor and shareholder of property companies that have undertaken and retained projects including shopping centres, student accommodation, offices and residential projects.

Besides his ongoing interests in his UK companies, he has made substantial personal investments overseas and has a deep love of The Mediterranean lifestyle, culture and of course property markets. Development, investment and property economics is at the core of his business interests.

During his capacity as advisor to the UK national housebuilding sector his company procured and secured land for more than 12,000 homes.

He later turned his attention to international markets acting as developer and investor in other European countries. He founded London and Cyprus Homes in Cyprus and built top quality housing projects including Cyprus Hills Mountain Village, a super luxurious and award winning mountain village of grand, traditional villas.

Whilst developing homes in the sun, Stephan recognised that overseas buyers, with little local knowledge, are vulnerable when buying abroad. Together with Alexandra Kononova (former London and Cyprus Homes sales manager, since 2009 and now Vision Groups Property Director) Stephan formed British Property Consultants (BPC) and Scandinavian Property Consultants (SPC), based in North Cyprus, to provide property consulting and estate agency services for the overseas market.

Alex also co-founded IPP in early 2014 to commence the network business to increase the company’s customer finding abilities. IPP was the first company to create a platform for providing a real estate business opportunity for people from all walks of life.

Alex was educated at The Minsk State Linguistics University (Belarus) and qualified as a Teacher of English Language and Literature. She also qualified as a Teacher of German Language (BA) and Germanic Languages (MA). Alex subsequently achieved her Masters Degree (MBA) in International Business Management at The Girne American University (Cyprus).

Alex has as a very comprehensive knowledge of the property market in North Cyprus. Her experience has been gained from tourism, agency and many years active in the property sector. Our overseas clients always appreciate her comprehensive knowledge and her diligent and professional approach to serving their property needs and requirements.

Alex created the Gold Star Selection process which is a scoring system she applies to the property selection for the Vision Group property portfolio. She maintains this portfolio and ensures that we carry all the best and latest property available for sale. Alex trained and grew a team of professional staff to serve a substantial international market of buyers seeking a home and/or investment in North Cyprus.

In March 2018 we made the decision that our brand image did not completely match our operations. It became very clear that we might be perceived by the public purely as a company with operations similar to the many successful “MLM” businesses of the world that distribute relatively “small cost” products such as health, fitness, beauty and aesthetics.

We have identified that our image should reflect a wider spectrum of activities and we should be recognised first for our professional service to buyers and for our educational platform.We passionately wanted a brand that truly and clearly conveys the fundamental characteristics and core beliefs of our company. After taking advice from international advertising and marketing companies, we have incorporated these characteristics in the new image and thus the Vision Group brand has been created.Vision Group has become recognised as a conscientious and diligent company serving anyone with property interest in Spain and North Cyprus.

Today we have over 30,000 properties for sale and we have gained respect and recognition not only from customers but also the leading developers in both Spain and North Cyprus. The company plans to continue to open in the most popular Mediterranean countries.




Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square,
London WC1H 9BQ,
United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0044 7739 508 226

Opened in 2021, Lynton House is perfectly located within Central London with a convenient transport network for any visitor within the UK. Lynton House was opened to manage our legal, corporate and accounting matters and to spearhead our international expansion. Lynton House will support all our current and future Mediterranean offices.

We welcome all enquiries.



Hz. Ömer caddesi
46A Karakum, Kyrenia
North Cyprus

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +90 533 8407088

In March 2020 we opened this branch as an administrative and sales office in a super location within 10 minutes’ drive time east of Kyrenia centre. The Karakum office is now open and available to greet customers.

The local services that are provided from this office are as follows :-
  • Sales
  • Consultancy
  • Logistics
  • Accounts
  • Media
  • Hospitality
  • Research
  • Legal
  • After sales
  • IT


Vision Group HQ (Formerly London and Cyprus Homes)

37 Naci Talat Caddesi
North Cyprus

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +90 533 8407088

After 20 years in our original headquarters in central Kyrenia, we recently decided that it is time to move. We outgrew this original building of 400m2 and in addition, spread over 3 floors, we found that interdepartmental communication was hampered and inefficient. This office was originally created as the workplace for our own construction and development projects (London & Cyprus Homes). After the disposal of our entire projects we began our independent estate agency and grew the company from this original office.

With happy memories we moved on.



We are currently in advanced discussions for the procurement of a brand new Head Office which will be a purpose built open plan building with excellent natural light and in a unique and peaceful environment for our staff, guests and clients to enjoy.


We opened our pure consultancy and sales office near the charming village of Esentepe in 2019.

This office was in the perfect geographic location to accommodate the pattern of our clients’ location demands and for the convenience of staff. Unfortunately it was within the grounds of one of the developers that we promoted. After only 6 months of trading at these new premises we learned that the local and international market began to develop the incorrect conclusion that Vision Group cannot truly be independent if they are located so close to one developer. Due to the fact that our principle ethos is that we provide INDEPENDENT advice, we realised that we had made an error of judgement with this chosen location.

All foreign buyers MUST be confident that their advisor is truly INDEPENDENT and able to offer a wide and non-biased selection of property for their consideration. Thus, in spite of considerable investment and keen to continue our renowned reputation of true independence, we made the decision to close this office.


Stephan Menzies MRICS


[email protected]


Alexandra Kononova

Property Director North Cyprus

[email protected]

English, Russian, German

Nasiba Gültekin

Real Estate Specialist North Cyprus

[email protected]

English, Russian, Turkish

Julia Efimova

Real Estate Specialist North Cyprus

[email protected]

English, Russian

Tuba Onan

Office Manager North Cyprus

[email protected]

English, Turkish

Ali Bahadir



Jeanette Abad


English, Phillipino


Head of Security London Office